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Reiki is essential to anyone seeking to get rid of inner blocks, release stress, support physical healing, promote greater clarity and creativity, strengthen balance and grounding, and (re)connect with joy.



Your field, line of work, career or passion may be one where: 


  • ☯ rejection seems to be the common response   
  • ☯ you work inconsistently scheduled long hours and often get little quality sleep
  • ☯ you're drained by the amount of trust and work needed for just the initial building blocks stage
  • ☯ connecting with the right people seems incredibly daunting in the short-term

It's very easy to consciously or unconsciously halt, or potentially reverse, your own flow of creativity, positive intentions, and receptivity to abundance.

Some Benefits of Reiki for Creative Minds (may include the following, but not limited to):
  • ☯ reduces stress and tension, promotes relaxation
  • ☯ provides a greater state of mindfulness, open flow for ideas and inspiration
  • ☯ removes/releases creative blocks and enhances your creative core, producing a catalyst for commencement and momentum toward your goals
  • ☯ assists in releasing unnecessary attachments in order to avoid overburdening goals and intentions
  • ☯ instills and peaks mental clarity for writing, memorizing, analysis, brainstorming, storyboarding, long film shoots, etc.
  • ☯ promotes physical health, healing, and overall balance
  • ☯ can reveal deeper visions, messages, ideas not currently in present focus
  • ☯ helps attract your goals to you (and you to them) by strengthening your abundance connection
  • ☯ lifts you out of a stuck mediocrity-based mindset and helps reprogram toward more prosperous thinking & action
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