*Check out the ways you can save below. Weekly sessions + package deals, referral rewards, and $99+ financing with PayPal Bill Me Later - so you can receive optimal value for your Reiki! 


30-Minute Distant Reiki Session:
$55* (receive healing & energizing
benefits from the comfort of your own home)
30-Minute In-Person Reiki Session:
$60* (at home office space in North Hollywood;
travel sessions are also available for minimal fee)
60-Minute In-Person Reiki Session:
$100* (at home office space in North Hollywood;
travel sessions are also available for minimal fee)

Discounted Package Deals: 

Distant Sessions: three 30-Minute Sessions - $144*.

In-Person Weekly Discounts: four 30-Minute Sessions - $220* OR 

four 60-Minute Sessions - $340*

All options available in purchase tabs. 

Attunement/Certification Classes: If you are interested in learning more about Reiki and how to call upon and use Reiki for your own personal well-being and with others, please contact me at 

reikiforcreativeminds@gmail.com for more details.

Reiki Meditation Classes: *BY REQUEST* Special group class scheduling for future Tuesdays @ 6 pm PT or Fridays @ 5 pm PT. Schedule/sign up by request before purchasing (215-260-0112, reikiforcreativeminds@gmail.com).

Referrals: For every new client you refer, you receive $10 off your next session! Share the creative health & vitality benefits of Reiki with others!

*Minimal additional fee added for credit card purchases. 


PLEASE NOTE: As a courtesy, please allow at least 24 hours for cancellation or rescheduling requests. Session cancellations that occur less than 24 hours from scheduled appointment time may result in loss of session, payment non-refundable. Upon multiple cancellations/reschedulings, practitioner may request payment prior to appointment confirmation for further sessions, at his discretion. Emergency cancellations under 24-hour notice will be taken into consideration and allowed.
All appointments include an extended 30-minute block, in addition to the session time, to allow for potential delays/lateness + talk time before and after. Late arrival may shorten treatment time.
Weekly Discount Packages require that sessions are scheduled weekly (on a 7-10 day basis). If a client lapses on the weekly timeline, sessions are still available but must be redeemed for normal 30- or 60-minute value (an additional $5 - $15 for redemption). Clients maintain responsibility for scheduling, though practitioner may initially send reminders for early sessions. If practitioner absence/travel prevents weekly scheduling, appropriate accommodations for extending the package time period may be done accordingly. Communication about upcoming schedule is important and will help in scheduling process.


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Purchase Sessions Below!

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