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Please look below and find out what clients have to say about their Reiki experiences. You can read many more Yelp reviews here!


I've been through several Reiki sessions with Steve, and I can't get enough. I look forward to his guidance and care; I know he always has my healing in mind. I have a physical injury that is already subsiding after his work on it, and we're also working through creative blocks. This is what I'm finding super important though: the work and release and freedom of energy don't just last for a session and go away. The Reiki work lives in you, and Steve is the perfect guide to help you understand and maintain its benefits. I don't want to be vague, so here are the tangible effects of the Reiki work for me: deep relaxation, a stronger voice, decreased pain and greater strength around my muscle injury, and WAY less stress over things like time crunches, etc. Definitely worth it!

~ Zach K., Marina del Rey, CA

I recently met Steven at a workshop and was drawn to his enthusiastic energy. Upon learning that he practiced Reiki, I decided to give it a try. I had other not so pleasant experiences in the past, but was still very interested. From the start, he was thorough in making sure you are comfortable and that all of your questions are answered. Steve is gentle, caring and helps you in setting your intention for each session. I have had an in-person and distance session, both of which have been extremely beneficial. I am gaining tremendous insight and a sense of calm by working with Steve. It's also eliminated my neck pain due to surgery earlier this year. I highly recommend trying out a session and see where it takes you. You won't be disappointed!!!

~ Heather B., El Cajon, CA


I can't rave enough about Steve! He truly truly cares about his practice and about his customers personally.. and when I say he has gone above and beyond my expectations, that's putting it lightly. He takes the time to truly understand where you're at, what your intentions are, gives plenty of feedback to ANY questions you may have, be it about reiki or personally, expand on explanations or ideas you may have a want to find more meaning in, and on top of that, he lets you know, in above and beyond detail, what HE received on his end, which provides invaluable insight that has helped me focus my meditations, expand my understanding of myself, and let go of some of my fears through his teaching and helping me understand what's going on with me :) I would recommend him to anyone, anytime... and if you're skeptical about the distance, just give it a try! I'm in Wisconsin! You won't be disappointed. I can feel the energy connection in the session clearly. It's not a subtle one that you question might just be in your head. You can really feel the healing. Last but not least, I'd let my son receive reiki sessions from Steven, so I definitely trust him. Schedule a session and see for yourself :)

~ Amy B., Kiel, WI


Immediately upon starting the remote reiki session I felt a sense of peace, calm and contentment. My breathing calmed and I came into my sympathetic nervous system. This in itself was profound as the day had been quite stressful. During the session I felt a deep emotional release on many levels. Steven is a gifted healer. He is positive, upbeat and overall awesome being. Highly Recommended :)

- Philip M., Tucson, AZ


I went into my first Reiki session a total nonbeliever; I only really went because I had been gifted a free session and figured I'd better use it. I opted for half an hour, because I figured a whole hour would just be awkward and that I'd probably be stifling laughter from the hocus-pocus or just feel guilty for laying motionless on a table for so long. Let me tell you - and I say this with all seriousness - literally seconds after Steven started working on me, I could feel it. Not just in my brain or spirit or whatever, but physically. I felt intense pressure. I felt hot and cold. I felt like he was touching two opposite ends of my body at the same time. Anyway. There. I feel a little embarrassed even for admitting this. But yes, it was some real stuff. After the Reiki session, Steve debriefed with me about what I had experienced from him, what he experienced from me, and potential next steps I could take in my daily life to help chip away at the things weighing on my mind. I've been back once since then, for a full hour, and I look forward to finding time to go many more times in the future.

~ Chrysanthe T., Venice, CA


Steve's Reiki has changed my life from the inside out. He is truly gifted at what he does, and really focuses on the individual journey of each person he encounters. During a recent session, without even talking about it, he placed extra attention on my right collarbone, which I broke in an ATV accident five years ago. And I felt an immediate, healing release during that session that has managed to filter into my daily life. It's that kind of intuition and knowingness that makes me always trust that working with Steve will help bring me to my highest self. I'd recommend Steve's work to anyone at any age looking for healing, focus, and clarity.

~ Lindsay W., Los Angeles, CA


Steve is definitely a wizard. :-) I turned to Steve to help me through a major life transition that was accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety and I am so glad I did. His ability to help shift the craziness I was experiencing into a peaceful, relaxed state where I had the ability to see things more clearly was impressive. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone who needs help with any issues, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Reiki is so powerful and can make such a difference in your life! Especially when you have someone as conscientious, compassionate, and dedicated as Steve is channeling that energy for you. Get unstuck and move forward with Steve's help. It is money well spent!!!

~ Allison J., Princeville, HI

Steve is truly an individual that cares about the lives of others. His ability to connect on an honest and genuine level makes you instantly feel comfortable and open to the Reiki experience. If you are hesitant to trying this, so was I, but take the few minutes to talk with Steve and you will see why that same hesitation is holding you back from so many great feelings. Enjoy and thanks Steve!

~ Jonathan W., Boston, MA


I had a long distance session with Steve and it was a great experience. He is so genuine and approachable that he's perfect for a first time Reiki session, as was the case with me. His sessions are a tremendous value and I look forward to the next time! Highly recommend.=)

~ Gina S., Danbury, CT


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